About Pals Pharma

About Pals Pharma

Who We Are

PALS Pharma is an Indian Pharmaceutical Sourcing & Marketing company based in Mumbai. PALS PHARMA has the unique ability to find and deliver Comprehensive and Cost effective Solutions for any Pharmaceutical hitch. Reputation and reliability is always our foremost concern throughout the sourcing process.

What We Do

PALS PHARMA work in partnership with our clients. We understand the challenges facing their businesses and we are sufficiently flexible to adapt our business to best support your changing needs.

Our Team consists of Technical /Marketing & Sourcing Experts so when we provide you any solution it goes through the scanner of various angles so that we can be able to deliver the best possible service to our clients. Business with India will present many challenges, as well as opportunities. We help you to identify these opportunities, manage risk, minimize cost, and optimize your supply chain by removing all intermediaries and delivering you products.


We are a learning organisation focused on satisfying our customers with quality and cost effective solutions for their Pharmaceutical needs.


To be a company which every customer wants to work with.

Note : All the transactions are carried out by us in conformity with the patent laws applicable in the buyer’s country. Responsibility with respect to the third parties’ patent rights in a specified country lies exclusively with the buyer.