Active Pharma Ingredients (API)

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient DMF Status
Adapalene CTD-DMF
Albendazole CTD-DMF
Alendronate Sodium CTD-DMF
Ambroxol hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Amiloride HCl CTD-DMF
Aminophylline CTD-DMF
Amlodipine Besylate CEP/ CTD-DMF
Atorvastatin calcium crystalline/ amorphous CTD-DMF
Atovaquone CTD-DMF
Azithromycin dihydrate CTD-DMF
Baclofen CTD-DMF
Betahistine hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Bisacodyl CTD-DMF
Bisoprolol fumarate CTD-DMF
Brimonidine tartrate CEP/ CTD-DMF
Bromhexine hydrochloride CEP
Budesonide EDMF
Buparvaquone CTD-DMF
Bupropion hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Butaphosphan CTD-DMF
Cabergoline CTD-DMF
Calcitriol CTD-DMF
Carvedilol CEP/ CTD-DMF
Cefdinir Micronized USDMF
Cefixime Mcronized USDMF
Cefpodoxime Proxetil USDMF
Cefuroxime Axetil (D.C.; Amorphous Compacted) USDMF
Celecoxib CTD-DMF
Chlorpheniramine / Dex-Chlorpheniramine maleate CTD-DMF
Chlorpromazine Hcl CTD-DMF
Chlorthalidone CTD-DMF
Citalopram HBr CTD-DMF
Clarithromycin CTD-DMF
Clenbuterol hydrochloride EDMF
Clidinium bromide CTD-DMF
Clopidogrel bisulphate (Form I; Form II) CTD-DMF
Clorsulon CTD-DMF
Closantel Base CTD-DMF
Colchicine hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Dapoxetine hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Dabigatran CTD-DMF
Des-loratadine CTD-DMF
Dex-ibuprofen EDMF
Dextromethorphan hydrobromide CEP/ CTD-DMF
Diloxanide Furoate CTD-DMF
Diminazine diaceturate CTD-DMF
Diphenhydramine Hcl CTD-DMF
Dobutamine CTD-DMF
Domperidone CTD-DMF
Duloxetine hydrochloride CEP/ CTD-DMF
Dopamine CTD-DMF
Erythromycin CTD-DMF
Escitalopram oxalate CTD-DMF
Esomeprazole magnesium powder/ pellets CEP/ CTD-DMF
Etamsylate CTD-DMF
Etoricoxib CTD-DMF
Ezetimibe CTD-DMF
Febuxostat CEP/ CTD-DMF
Fexofenadine hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Fingolimod hydrochloride DMF
Finofibrate ODMF
Flavoxate DMF
Fluconazole CTD-DMF
Flunarizine dihydrochloride CTD-DMF
Flurbiprofen CEP/ CTD-DMF
Fluoxetine HCl CTD-DMF
Fluvastatin CTD-DMF
Formoterol Fumarate CEP/ CTD-DMF
Gabamentin CTD-DMF
Glimepiride CTD-DMF
Guaifenesin CTD-DMF
Haloperidol EDMF
Homidium Chloride CTD-DMF
Imidocarb Dipropionate CTD-DMF
Ipratropium Bromide EDMF
Iron III Hydroxy Polymeltose Complex CTD-DMF
Itraconazole powder / pellets CTD-DMF
Lamotrigine CTD-DMF
Lansoprazole powder /pellets CEP/ CTD-DMF
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient DMF Status
Levalbuterol sulphate / hydrochloride / tartrate EDMF
Levetiracetam CEP/ CTD-DMF
Levicetirizine Hcl CTD-DMF
Levothyroxine sodium CTD-DMF
Lidocaine base / hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Loratadine CTD-DMF
Losartan Potassium CTD-DMF
Magaldrate CTD-DMF
Mebendazole CTD-DMF
Mebeverine CTD-DMF
Meloxicam CTD-DMF
Mepyramine maleate CTD-DMF
Mesalazine / Mesalamine CEP/ CTD-DMF
Methylphenidate hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Metoclopramide Micronised CTD-DMF
Misoprostol (1% dispersion in HPMC) CTD-DMF
Montelukast sodium CEP/ CTD-DMF
Moxifloxacin HCl CTD-DMF
Nebivolol hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Nepafenac Sterile micronized CTD-DMF
Niclosamide CTD-DMF
Nicotine CTD-DMF
Nitazoxanide micronized CTD-DMF
Nitroglycerine with Lactose (Diluted) CTD-DMF
Nitroxynil CTD-DMF
Olanzapine CTD-DMF
Omeprazole Powder/ Pellets CTD-DMF
Ondansetron hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Orphenadrine citrate CTD-DMF
Oxyclozanide CTD-DMF
Pantoprazole Sodium Sesquihydrate CTD-DMF
Paroxetine hydrochloride hemihydrate CTD-DMF
Parvaquone HCl CTD-DMF
Pentosan Polysulfate sodium EDMF
Phenylephrine hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Piroxicam CTD-DMF
Pirferidone CTD-DMF
Pregabalin CTD-DMF
Prochlorperazine CTD-DMF
Promethazine CTD-DMF
Psyllium (Plantago) Husk 99%, #40 ETOT CTD-DMF
Quinapyramine Chloride CTD-DMF
Quinapyramine Sulfate CTD-DMF
Racecadotril CTD-DMF
Ranolazine CTD-DMF
Rafoxanide CTD-DMF
Raltegravir CTD-DMF
Repaglinide CTD-DMF
Rispiridone CTD-DMF
Rivaroxaban CTD-DMF
Rosuvastatin Calcium CTD-DMF
R-Salbutamol sulfate/hydrochloride/tartrate EDMF
Salbutamol sulphate CEP/EDMF
Salmeterol Xinafoate CEP/ CTD-DMF
Sildenafil citrate CTD-DMF
Sodium Picosulfate CTD-DMF
Sparfloxacin CTD-DMF
Sumatriptan Succinate CTD-DMF
Tacrolimus CTD-DMF
Tamsulosin CTD-DMF
Telmisartan CEP/ CTD-DMF
Terbinafine hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Thiocolchicoside CTD-DMF
Tinidazole CTD-DMF
Timolol maleate CEP/ CTD-DMF
Tizanidine hcl CTD-DMF
Toldimfos Sodium CTD-DMF
Tolfenamic Acid CTD-DMF
Triclabendazole CTD-DMF
Trifluoperazine HCl CTD-DMF
Trifluopromazine HCl CTD-DMF
Valganciclovir hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Verapamil hydrochloride CTD-DMF
Zileuton CTD-DMF

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